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 What Should We Crave For In Life

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PostSubject: What Should We Crave For In Life   What Should We Crave For In Life EmptySat Oct 06, 2012 3:27 am

Chapter One
Riches (comfort. affordability e.t.c.)
Have you ever come to the point of asking the question;’ what is life without money’? If yes, the likelihood to quest for riches will almost be certain, Have you heard people say: ‘money makes the world go round, ‘the secret of many world super-powers is embedded in their riches’, ‘money is a defense and answers all things’, ‘money is a complete demonstration of man’s existence? If you had, don’t you think man, owing to the questions asked and answers given, has taken solace within the abode of earthly riches?
Without a doubt, riches afford us the opportunity to attain comfort-gaining access to luxuries, accessories and other home-friendly and socially compatible materials such as expensive dresses, shoes and so on. Physically, riches, one of man’s figured out wisdom, is undoubtedly essential to witness recreation, relaxation, access to exotic places, foods, drinks and meeting people of great influence. Also, one would say the ability or power to afford anything the world recognizes is what should be craved for. Really? If you insist, think again!
However, the craze for riches seems to have turned the world in an upside-down orientation. The impossible-to-phantom fact has made men and women go extra miles to seek for a truly trivial substance, not minding what their actions are tantamount to-dragging their names to the mud. Perhaps, the saying ‘a good name is better than silver and gold’ would have been substituted for the adage’s latter words ‘silver’ and ‘gold’. A typical instance is the media-reported case of an unsuccessful armed robbery attack, where men of the security force recovered a $30,000 sum and host of sophisticated firearms from the gang. Obviously, you and I know the consequence(S) of this act. The commoner is not only the one involved in the craze for financial opulence. It is certainly not limited to the masses or people. It extends to people who are at the helms of affairs of countries –government officials, politicians, ministers and so on. Take for example: the world’s recognized bank witnessed a red-lettered day of historic woe when one of its executives was caught misappropriating huge sums of money. Of course, that individual has dented not just his image but his family as well.
Some ‘smart’ individuals may assert: ‘they weren’t smart in making it’. Let’s agree to this fact. But on second thought, if you make it through cut-corner means, tell me that riches or money you illegitimately acquired will make you fulfilled. Ask yourself these questions:
1) Will I be investigated by the government concerning the source of income?
2) How secured am I with my ill-gotten riches?
3) Will I be swindled, just as I did to others?
4) What becomes my fate when people get to discover the truth about how I got the money?
5) Can this money buy me lasting peace, good health and long life?
6) If I am exposed, would my family be affected?
7) In my living on earth, will I be fulfilled, despite the wealth acquired and when I’m gone, what would be remembered of me?
In concrete terms, if you can sincerely answer these questions, then you will begin to see reasons money cannot meet up with the basis of existence.

What if I made my money legitimately…? The likely completion to the question is: ‘would I be fulfilled’? Indeed, individuals have sought for honest means to acquire wealth via education and dedication to chosen business endeavours. However, acquiring recognized academic hierarchies (first, second and third degrees, for instance) does not guarantee financial opulence. There are cases of (some) academics, scholars and pundits who are practically akin to people subjugated by poverty while individuals who by their standards are illiterates become very opulent. In fact, for support, they seldom seek for financial backing of these so called illiterates.
In short, if your motive of becoming a graduate post graduate, post-graduate, Masters Degree holder and so on is centered on realizing fortunes, please think again. Such well-to-do projection cannot be really attained in the light of the citadel of impact towards positive orientation of people.
To those who are really dedicated to with the aim of attaining financial bounty, remember that the question ‘can you exercise patience?’ becomes necessary. In other words, the ability to hold on to what is being dedicated to, barring shady and cheap means other contemporaries are using to become moneyed, is undoubtedly essential. To be sincere, how long will it take you to become rich? Don’t you think there are certain things you must know about money dynamics? If no, how do you intend spending the money that comes after the patience you exercised and commitment you put in the concerned endeavour?
If you think money gotten from inheritance is one of the best ways of assuring yourself the truth about life’s purpose, then consider this instance:
The daughter of the billionaire ship owner and merchant (Aristotle Onasis), Jacquline Onasis was one of the wealthiest women that ever lived. She inherited her father’s possession, became very wealthy at the age of three and well established at age eighteen. However, despite of her wealth status, she lived an unfulfilled life and as a result, committed suicide.
Unequivocally, it is crystal clear that money is not answer to what should be craved for in life by man.

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What Should We Crave For In Life
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