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 Are We Leaving Room For The Spirit

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Are We Leaving Room For The Spirit Empty
PostAre We Leaving Room For The Spirit

Time continues to march forward, and with each new day it is a blessing from God. In our minds we know we are not promised a new day. Yet, how often do we get up start our day and even go the whole day without thanking God for the breath he gives us, the air we breath, the life he provides. Are we too busy to remember to put God in the equation. As a society we get too busy and do not leave room for God or the spirit. These type of days when I allow them to happen in my own life, brings forth challenge and levels of despair. He desires for us to look to him and thank him for each blessing he provides. What we my think should be a blessing may not be what god desire to bless us with.
Are we busy going about his work and still we miss him. We can do that, by filling our days with spiritual focus and still miss the spirit. There is a song that rings true and here are just some of the words:
There he was just waiting in that old familiar place, that empty spot beside him, were one I used to wait, to be filled with strength and wisdom for the battle of the day, I would have passed him by again but I clearly heard him say. I miss my time with you, those moments together. I need to be with you each day and it hurts me when you say, you're too busy, busy trying trying to serve me, but how can you serve me when your spirits empty, there's a longing in my heart, wanting more than just a part of you, it's true I miss my time with you...

How guilty are we of doing just this, being to busy to make time for him. He says we need to make time for him so we can be about his purpose, his will. There is such a difference when we let go and let God. Seems such an easy statement and yet such a hard phrase to grasp.
We are a flawed nation, a flawed body, and flawed humans. We will make mistakes and we will either learn from those mistakes, or we will blame others and not own responsibility. If we chose the latter life will remain a challenge. If we chose the former, than we will grow and be that much better from it. We can either be at peace, or we can be confused and messed up. This life journey is really up to us how we live it.
The question remains, how do you desire to live your life? Learning to live a peaceful life is so much more enjoyable than battling through it. Their is a certain level of gratitude we feel when we allow change to impact our lives. And the thing is we are given the bonus gift of friendships to help us along the way. We can't do it alone. Gaining strengths from others examples can only make us a better person. Allowing your heart to be changed and molded based off of others strengths shows you have a teachable heart. Do not take for granted the gifts that God has provided you in your friendships. Though we will hurt each other, come back together and resolve and learn from it and be better the next time around. I stand thankful for the many bonus gifts of friendship in my life. There are strengths in each of them to emulate and be molded by. Allow your heart to be open to change and be willing to gain positive strengths through the process.
We know life is short and tomorrow is never promised. How seriously do we look at this. Do we go on and not even think about it. Do we even care. Are the matters you need to resolve with others in your life not important. Let's be willing to make amends with those we have fault with. Deal with the issues that keep you apart. Let us truly learn how to live in peace with one another and forgive what needs to be forgiven. Take time with your family and friends. Encourage and lift them up every chance you get. Don't be so closed that you miss the blessings set for you. Love one another deeply and live in harmony. It is so much more enjoyable when we do.

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Are We Leaving Room For The Spirit

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