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PENCIL PUSHER (26-50 posts)

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Commitment. A word that holds with it much meaning. There are different levels of commitment, yet all of us make commitments in our lives. We are committed to family, work, spouse,finances,relationships,and goals that we set to achieve.
How are we when we fall short in these commitments. What does that look like for you. What do you battle in your heart when you fail in these areas. There is struggle. We get angry with ourselves, we beat ourselves up, sometimes we pull away from each other and hide as we feel ashamed.
In all these areas we think about these more that we think about the one thing we need more than any other commitment we make in life. It is one that many do not know, do not have, desire not to be a part of, and one that many look at others who do have it and either make fun of them or turn away.
Our commitment to God should be the first commitment we think about each day we are blessed to wake up and walk with him. It should be one we are thankful for everyday and strive to maintain and be the best we can be on a daily basis. How sad that we as a society will allow the things of the world around us to come before our daily commitment and walk with God. We ignore that we made him Lord of our life, we are not always the example of Christ we need to be.
One must ask themselves, how are we when we leave our home and face the world. Do we leave equipped in his will and walk in the the light. Did we clothe ourselves with his armor as to be able to ward off the temptations of the flesh and the obstacles we may face in a given day. Do we have the mindset that no matter what comes our way we are committed to the purpose of Christ and will stand up for what is right. The word tells us to put on the full amour of God so that we may stand up against the schemes of satan.
When we do not allow ourselves to do this we are not ready and prepared for what will be thrown our way. Walking this world as a Christian and committing to his plan means we are called to a higher standard. When we drop that guard and allow ourselves to give in to the schemes around us we are not focused on our commitment to God. So, we must ask ourselves, what are we doing in our work place. Do your co-workers know that you are a Christian, do they see that you do not allow yourself to get involved in the workplace scandals if you will. Do you walk way from gossip talk around you or do you listen in and partake of it. Even if we do not say anything and we stand and listen we are not being an example of Christ. When you hear it do you say anything to combat it. The sad reality is that if and when we allow ourselves to partake in this practice, rest assured the one spreading the gossip is also spreading the gossip about you.
Do you take from your job and think it is okay. We can take and steal in many ways and not even think about it. We take when we are late coming into work or coming back from lunch. We take when we use their paper to print out personal information without asking if this is okay. We take when we make personal phone calls and we are not on a break. We take when we are in conversation with a co-worker about anything other than work related situations. How often do we think about these scenarios and think nothing of it. For me I had to step back and look at these areas and see were they can cause havoc for us. It may not happen right away, but it does happen. Those of authority at your job, are looking at all of this and you may not realize it. On my job we had a day were we all were able to bring any papers we needed shredded to work and they had a company come and take all the shred away from the job and what we brought from home. It was one dedicated day for us to do this. And for them to offer this was a big deal and a gift for employees of our company. Sadly, the day that we were able to do this I was out of the office. Recently there was another day were they had the shred company coming just to collect all the shred from the office. This was not open to at home papers and so we needed to respect that of our employer. Because I was not there for the open day of shredding to assume this could be done would have been taking and stealing from the job. I at that point reached out to the on site executive and explained my situation to them and asked permission to bring my shred from home for this day as I missed the last one. The response back was gratitude for my honesty as well for my asking and not taking advantage of a situation. They responded in kind and offered me permission to bring in what I had to be collected and shredded. These type of things help us to be above reproach and stand out as an example on the job. This is what commitment to God is about. Taking the time to make every effort to be an example of positive in the workplace.
Shortcuts is another area we need to look at and be careful of. They range widely and cover a vast area of things. Things we may not think twice about. Some of these may be, stealing cable for the home, still collecting unemployment though you just got a new job, taking advantage of the discounts that are there for people with needs, lying on an applications as to get a job, cheating on a test and the list goes on. The list looks different depending on who we are. The reality is we can look back or even look in the present and see were we have dappled in shortcuts at one time or another in our life.
Do we blow all these scenarios off and say no big deal. What I know for sure is that these are the things in secret that can keep us from gaining the keys to the kingdom. What we see as no big deal, God sees as why have you forsaken me. What I know for sure is that we need to examine our hearts on a daily basis and work hard to be above reproach and not allow the things of this world and the schemes of satan to detour us and pull away from the truth of what the word calls us to. What I know for sure is that this is not an easy ride. What I know for sure is that life ain't always beautiful, sometimes it's just plain hard, life ain't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride. If we allow it to be. The hard times will come this we cannot escape. How we face them and deal with them is what makes the difference. The fact is that we do not have to do this alone. We have help, we have people around us who love us and want to be there for us. We need to learn how to reach out.
What I know for sure is that commitment no matter what form is something we need to follow through with. Not to allow our hearts to gets hard. Stay the course and work it out. May not always be the end result that we desire, however, in working through it to the end the result will be what it needs to be.
The one commitment that stands above all others, and the one commitment that allows all others to be the best is the commitment we make with our personal relationship with Christ. Striving daily to remain in this commitment will allow the reward at the end to be to his glory.
As with each blog I say again, strive to be kind to one another. Resolve differences, work through what is causing you to not be in a good place with one another. Love your family. Make the most of every opportunity you are gifted to be with them. Do not allow time to pass and not say what needs to be said, time is too short. Do all you can to treat each other with the love of Christ. Friendships are treasures, they are gifts, they are bonuses from God and they are not promised. Do your best to live in peace and not allow time to pass holding onto a grudge. What I know for sure is that grudges divide, they cause division and leave room for the tempter to get in there and mess things up. We all fall short, we all make mistakes, fix them and move forward with he love of Christ in your heart. Harmony is a wonderful feelings and allows for lasting memories.
This is my heart today.......
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