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 Fear the Lord

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PostFear the Lord

"The Lord is exalted, for He dwells on high; He will fill Zion with His justice and righteousness. He will be the sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure." (Isa. 33:5, 6 NIV).

The fear of the Lord is a blessing-giver characteristic in life. Many do not fear God and live as they want. This is the condition of many, many Christians today. They may have bibles with them, but never read it. They may have a church membership but do not attend it regularly. They have various reasons to pray, but never depend on God. This brings curse and God's wrath upon them. They have heard many times to return to God, but they are happy with their life. They do not know what spirituality means. They are Christians who have not tasted the love of God. The message of God to such people is to come back to Him. He eagerly waits for them to provide them with His love and presence. They do not have interest in reading the Bible, so God cannot speak to them. They do not know how powerfully God deals with our hearts if we read His word with commitment. They have not enjoyed the presence of God through prayer, fellowship and meditation. These things seem as unimportant to them. So, even if they are nominally Christians, their names are not written in the Book of Life. This type of life results in their doom. They may. for many years, live a luxurious life without the slightest fear of God, but their eternity will be in hell. Many of us may be familiar with such people. By sight, they may be good people who help the poor and have gained honors, the world may acknowledge them and think that they will surely meet Jesus in heaven, but in real, they are not washed by the blood of the Lamb. Their life is worthless and meaningless before the Holy God. They have not learned to acknowledge their sinful nature and have not felt the necessity to live a true Christian life. The main reason for such a life is the fear of the world. They fear what the world will say about them if they lead a true Christian life. If we really fear God, we will not fear anything else, but if we do not fear God, all our courage will be meaningless. To remove the fear of the world from our minds, we need to realize the greatness of God. If we fear the world, the devil will take every opportunity and advantage of making us cowards. Those who fear the Lord are brave. Their way of life is an inspiration and example to many. Seeing their living, many may condemn and criticize them, but they know whom to fear. They effectively live a life of purpose and meaning. All their decisions, choices and actions are representatives of the lordship of Jesus Christ over their lives. Many people are realizing the need for such a true life, these days. Their is an emptiness in everyone's heart who has not accepted Jesus as his/her personal Savior and due to the spreading of the gospel many are learning to fear God and God is filling their hearts with His presence and love. The fear of the Lord is what makes life worthy of having meaning.

Now there are others who do all the above things a Christian must do but do not put their faith into obedience. They go to Church, pray and read their Bibles, but just to show others. Their hypocrisy is very dangerous. They have no real fear and respect for God. They may say big words during Church prayers but do not pray their individual secret prayer. They may hear many messages of helping others but never help anyone. Such people neither fear the world nor God. Communicating with such people is very dangerous. They show their spirituality to others for pride, but do not fear the One Who sees their hearts' motives. Such people are a stumbling block to people who want to see an example in others. Many people get the wrong understanding of Christianity due to above such people who either do not read the Bible or read it without fear and trembling. Leading a hypocritical life is the sure way to steal others' spiritual longing and desires.

Now there are others who read the Bible and obey it but only for selfish gains. Their motives are unholy before the Almighty God. Even how many of us please God just for a desire to go to heaven? Can we live a true holy life if we would never go to heaven? Consider this carefully. Love for God should not be based on the fact that we will go to heaven but only in an inner prompting to love God which comes from having real fear for Him. If we love God and fear Him for a greed for heaven, we cannot love Him wholeheartedly. Our love for God must be true as His love for us. Our prime desire must be the presence of God more than the beauty that is in heaven. I hope my readers are understanding what I mean. People who obey the Bible with wrong intentions, like praying for self-blessings only, helping others with a desire to get help back, preaching and practicing but just from the outward sense, are people who have no inner spiritual life. Their life is totally meaningless. God detects the movements and motives of the heart. So we must have the heart and willingness to fear Him and live a genuine Christian life.

Now blessed are those who read their Bibles and obey it just to bring glory to God. Their intentions are pure and holy and acceptable before the omniscient God. The fear of God is manifested in such people's lives. They are pure both from heart as well as actions. The world desperately needs such people who live such a life and bring glory and honor to God and show the example of Christ to the world through their way of living. They may be put down by others, but they get renewed and strengthened day by day, moment by moment, through the grace of God that is poured upon them due to their true fear of God. Whatever they do, whether by words or deeds, is with a humble sole intention to bring glory to God. It is through such people that God works miracles in many people's lives. God uses such people to become a blessing to many.

The blessings that come from the true fear of God is mentioned in the verse we read. God's justice and righteousness is the first blessing mentioned. The forgiving character of God is the base of the justification of a sinner. Though, when Jesus comes, all unbelievers will go to hell, but, till that time, God is waiting patiently for everyone to come to His righteousness. People who enjoy God's righteousness are sure that they have a righteous Judge who will reward them for all the righteous things they have done for God's glory. God's justice is a nightmare for those who do not fear Him.

The next blessing is that God will be our sure foundation. This represents both strength and security. If the foundation of a house is strong, the house will be protected. Just like eating good food is the foundation for good health, the fear of God is the way through which we can be secure in Him. Those who live such a life have no fear whatever the outward circumstances may be. When problems come, the presence of God that they feel, strengthens them to pray, which brings God protection in their lives. Such people live a courageous life and insert the fear of God in every life that they come in contact with. If God is our foundation, we have every reason to be bold and brave. The power of God protects us and takes care of us in the mightiest way.

God is for us, a rich source of salvation and wisdom and knowledge. If we have gained all worldly knowledge and are not gainers of the wisdom from above, we are really fools. The purpose and message of salvation not just reveals His love for us but His omniscience as well. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. God gives wisdom to those who fear Him and guides them in the right path. They may not understand what to do in a particular situation but their trust is in a God who knows all things completely. They do not depend on self or worldly opinions to find a solution because they know the limits of worldly knowledge, but they have perfect faith in God who shows them what to do next. All worldly wisdom is futile before the wisdom poured out by God in those who fear Him. Their wise steps are an encouragement and example to many. They show others what living wisely really means. They live a Christ-centered life.

Friend, are you enjoying the above blessings which comes from true fear of God? Fearing God is nothing else but revering Him and respecting Him whatever our conditions may be, whatever others may say about us. Indeed, when we become humble and recognize our incapacity, we can fear the Lord. The dire need of growing in holiness is what makes us desirous of the fear of God. Every step we take, should reveal the supremacy of God. Those who fear the Lord are blessed.
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Fear the Lord

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