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 My Year in Review

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PostMy Year in Review

Year End Blog

Well. Here we are another year behind us, and a new year approaching. What has the past year looked like for you, and what does the new year welcome for you? Both of these are loaded questions. Yet, we would all have an answer.
The past year was full of a vast variety of events. Those were shared throughout the year with either my weekly, bi-weekly or monthly blogs. It has been awhile since my last pen and wanted to share my heart for the end of the year.

To that here is what the year looked like for myself.

As I pen the last entry for the year 2013 there are a few things on my mind. It's been a year of change as well as any emotion you may think has been in the mix. Through it all here is what I know for sure

What I know for sure is that without God being an active part in my life this year would have turned out different. His daily presence and taking the time to read his word and learning how to apply it on a daily basis has helped to know he is real and he does care. Taking time to pray and share my heart and confess my shortcomings and seek strength and wisdom is all part of this daily process.

What I know for sure is that true friendships are hard to come by, but when you have them, they need to be cherished. They are there to help, encourage, teach and train us on our path to being the best Christian we can be. They support you in hard times, they rejoice with your victories, they cry with you when you just need someone to be there. They challenge when it is needed, and still kick it with you when you just want to have fun. These friendships speak volumes. They do not judge you, hold records of wrongs, forgive you when you ask. They know you inside and out. They know when you may not be feeling good just by looking at you. They call at just the right time, they encourage with a word, a scripture or a gesture in kind because they want you to know they care. These friendships should never be taken for granted.

What I know for sure is that FAMILY should be held in the highest regard. Issues and tensions should be resolved and nothing should remain outstanding. Resolution should always be on the forefront. Memories should be made any chance you have, trips and vacations should be spent together. Take as many pictures as you can and share them. Tell them you love them daily even if just leaving a message. Make sure to honor your parents and serve them any chance you get. What I know for sure is that I love taking my parents on a date every month and making those memories which can never be replaced by anything else. I know whatever I am able to do for my family and taking care of the needs of my parents is/remains an honor.

What I know for sure is that without the help of my doctors and the support received by many friends as well as my family, my current journey to a healthier me would not have gone as well. Support systems help you to achieve your goals, they encourage, inspire and motivate you to push through and persevere through all the pain and doubt. To that from my start of a healthier me on July 18 2013 to present my weight is down 45 pounds, down 6 sizes, loss 30 inches all around and no longer wear sizes in the 20 plus section as well there is no X behind the number in the clothes. My overall health has improved and the normal pain felt this time is year has been minimal. It was been a hard but wonderful ride.

What I know for sure is that there are people who are needing friends. They want to know God or come back to God. That we need to be the hands and feet and help them find their way or their way back. To remember to show God's love with each conversation and be a listening ear.

What I know for sure is that the ministers and teachers that have given week in and week out are true gifts. They are examples of perseverance, knowledge, depth of insight, commitment, wisdom, strength and love. The word says we should hold them in the highest regard. We should always have a gratitude toward all they offer and all they do to serve.

What I know for sure is that gossip and slander hurts, jealousy divides, clicks cause tensions, favoritism alienates and lack of forgiveness pulls us away from each other and being unified as a body.

What I know for sure is that the new year will bring with it new journey's that will refine my character, change my heart, bring new friendships, training, and challenge. Looking forward to growing deeper in my faith. Learning from the older women. Enjoy time with family and friends and not lose sight of the purpose. And have "Joy Rising" moments everyday. My theme for the new year for myself. "Joy Rising".

Happy New Year, dear family and friends. Be safe. Look forward to growing more with you in the new year.
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My Year in Review

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