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Walter Kahler
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APPRENTICE (6-25 posts)
Walter Kahler

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PostSubject: Delivered   Delivered EmptySat Mar 01, 2014 2:28 pm

   In the spring of 1985, I found myself at the doorstep of mom’s house. She was expecting me but unprepared for the shock of her life. I had called to inform her that I was coming back home. I hopped into my car and drove the four and half hour trip. I was a physical wreck for it took every bit of strength I could muster up to complete the journey. I had the shakes and a hellacious hangover from the night before. I cannot remember the last time I had taken a sober breath. I pulled into the childhood driveway, threw the transmission into park, and walked up to the front door.

   With my right hand, I reached for the doorknob, twisted it and walk through the threshold. I was met with a loving hug followed by sobbing. The tears falling down the cheeks of her face were not joyful but terror. She did not recognize her youngest son because she remembered her boy being full of life. Bewilderment radiated through her expression, and she was devastated. I was one hundred and ten pounds and the skin on my face was sunken inward giving the appearance of a sick and frail young man. I was speechless, hopeless and desperate.

   I was only away from home for three years. I never thought it would end up like this. I was full of ambition ready to take life by the horns. I had visions of prestige by planning to make a name for myself. I had a lot of good intentions. These should have been achievable goals, but the demons inside myself stripped away anything worthwhile. I had reached that point where alcohol had its way with me.

   I could not stop this insidious reoccurring nightmare because everything I tried to stop drinking drove me deeper into the black hole of powerlessness. Bottle after bottle, time and again, I would repeat the same mistakes always expecting a different result. Instead, I was faced with the fact of being an alcoholic. I had turned into the one thing I despised and a spitting image of dad.

   I was baffled, ashamed and did not know where to turn. My parents agreed to provide me a place to stay under the condition I would seek help. I was willing and took them up on their offer. Mom knew of a counselor who specialized in alcoholic addiction. So I contacted him. After the first face to face session with Mr. Barfield and just before leaving his office he handed me a flyer with a list of twelve step programs. He highly suggested I start attending meetings.

   I decided to choose one and did not know what to expect from the twelve step program. I was scared. I cannot recall the topic at my first meeting. I continue attending and began to identify with the medical description of alcoholism. The way they laid it out made perfect sense because for the first time concerning my drunkenness there was a logical explanation. It spoke volumes, and as I looked back at the past there was concrete evidence staring me between the eyes.

   Then came their hook, line and sinker that they said was the only solution to my predicament. God! This presented me with a major stumbling block because I was agnostic. There could be no God in this world riddled with evilness. I was highly offended by their seemingly shallow outlook. How could God do anything for me?

   Well, they said to me, just hang in there a little longer. Don’t give up before the miracle happens was a frequent slogan. Things did change. God began to work on me, and I gradually found faith. However, I failed to understand that faith without works is dead. This blindness cost me dearly and after eighteen years of sobriety I got drunk.

   God did not give up on me and continued calling me back. I finally heard Him after eight years of misery. He opened His arms, and I embraced Him. God picked up where He had left off and quickly showed me the light at the end of the tunnel. As I walked down God’s tunnel, He delivered me to His Son Jesus Christ and into salvation. I now know the Light at the end of God’s tunnel is Heaven.
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PostSubject: Re: Delivered   Delivered EmptySat Mar 01, 2014 4:27 pm

Praise, God!   clap  You and I are kindred spirits, as we have both visited the same pit, alcoholism. See my story, Set Free. It's a scary and almost impossible place to escape without God. I'm so glad you've joined us and shared your story. I feel I've found a friend.

God Bless, Lora  Nice Ta Meet Ya
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