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 Prayer Changes Things

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PENCIL PUSHER (26-50 posts)

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My Blog

Prayer, a powerful tool in connecting with God. He desires to hear from us. He wants to know our hearts. Hearing from us helps him know how we feel, where we are at, the struggles we are facing. Prayer is our love language to God. His love language to us is his word. They work hand in hand. If we are not allowing him to talk with us, how can we effectively talk with him. The word is our tool to get us through each day. It also helps us in our prayer times as we can pray for what we have read and ask to have it applied to our lives. 
Prayer is a cherished part of my personal walk and relationship with God. Love taking prayer drives and just pouring my heart out. When sitting at the foot of the cross and laying it all before him, I know once it is there God has it. When I doubt his strength and his love is when it is clear it was not completely laid at his feet. Releasing it to him and knowing in your heart that he has you in his hands welcomes comfort. It brings security. It warms you with the hand of Jesus wrapped around you. How much comfort can we find in that. What fear keeps us from going to him and trusting his love. Trusting his word. Believing what is written and knowing it is there to help us to gain the keys to the kingdom. 

There are a few formats that help me to be able to focus my times with God. These may be helpful to you as well. These are only suggestions

So for me:

Monday-Prayer for family and friends
Tuesday-Prayer for my bible talk and self
Wednesday-Prayer for the church and the staff
Thursday-Prayer for those who are studying and outreach
Friday-prayer for those who are battling health issues and healing
Saturday-Date with God day and prayer of thankfulness and gratitude
Sunday-Prayer is open as to what is on my heart that day.

We can get lost in our daily activity and forget to turn and go to God. In these times that I do not allow myself to put him first, it is when I struggle the most. Guarding ourselves against what the world brings our way day in and day out is essential. Not arming ourselves with the full armor of God before we leave our homes is an ingredient to not living and walking with God on that given day. What I know for sure is that, when I am not clothed with Christ, when I do not allow myself time for God to feed me through reading his word and in turn talking with him those are the hardest times. Satan gets in there and causes havoc and before I know it, there it is. It can present itself anyway it desires, but when it does it is evident that my guard was not up. Yep, that negative thought toward a co-worker, that glaring look as a customer because they were rude, that thought that said man, this that or the other. It's that easy and that simple and I am that guilty. Even with guarding my heart I still have to be careful of my thoughts. This is what being away from God even for a day causes. And this I know for sure. It's hard to get back up when we have missed our times with him, but get back up we so need to do. God is a forgiving God. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be open. How much do we truly believe and hold onto these words. Truth, we fail God daily. He hurts for us. He feels for us. He protects us. He directs us. How closely are we listening? How deeply are we committed? How engaged do we allow ourselves to be? All questions that will help us in our personal walks. All questions to pray about and seek wisdom from him on. What I know for sure is that I am unworthy of his love. Yet, he chose me. He loves me enough to fight for me. He does the same for all of us. How much do we focus on this. When we think about the cross, are we remembering the true sacrifice, are we remembering the blood that was shed for our individual sins, are we remembering the love poured out so we can be united with him in paradise. Sometimes I forget. And when I do, life is hard. There are no short cuts, it isn't always easy, however, it's right. No matter the challenge, the pain, the struggle, the doubts, the fears, release them to God. Lay them at the foot of the cross. Know that in doing so he hears and will respond. He is always our protector, always our comforter, always our strength. He's there to set us free. This I know for sure. This I trust. This I believe. This I hold onto, and do not doubt. Prayer changes things. 

As with each entry I say again: What I know for sure: It is so important that we remember and follow the example of Christ. When it comes to family and friends, hold them in the highest regard, do not allow hindrances to cloud your relationship. Do not let unresolve stand in the way of  a blessing just waiting to happen. Fix what needs to be fixed. Love one another deeply. As quickly as one comes into your life so quickly can one be taken away. Make it a point to work out whatever may need to be worked out and move forward. Do to others what you would want done to you.
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Prayer Changes Things

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