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 God in Times of Desperation

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PostGod in Times of Desperation

Desperation can often lead to individuals regretting choices in life. Items of that nature include degrees that are not fully utilized, mistakes that you wish you could rectify, and relationships that have ended incredibly badly. Bad experiences can often lead to times of despair, but if you can rekindle a flame that once burned as brightly and as radiant as the sun they can lead to a more determined mindset, renewed relationships, and open new pathways for professional and personal success.

Sometimes to find true success you need to learn from the past and find a way to utilize failures and turn them into positive successes. The bible itself is filled with people who could have let past mistakes ruin their lives, prostitutes, tax collectors, and people who could have become complacent with their current standings have had the ability to shakeup the world.

Moses and Nehemiah could have been incredibly happy with the success that they had in their professional lives, yet they chose to follow God on a greater level by sacrificing their current standing, and lead others from the brink of disaster.
Moses was a prince of Egypt, who could have ultimately become a king (or pharaoh) while Nehemiah was a royal cupbearer of high status. Instead of accepting their current standings they saw the need to turn to God’s plan for an even higher calling and purpose. Moses needed to find a way to save his people from ultimate destruction and lead them into a great exodus, where they could openly worship God without fear of death.

Similar to Moses Nehemiah could have found great satisfaction with his royal status yet he felt a need to serve God and help his people. Nehemiah helped his people learn from their time of desperation, and helped his people turn back to the God that had, has, and always will, provide for his people. At times of great stress it is easy to give in and not try to rectify our current situation, we can become complacent, and find multiple ways to escape from the issues of our everyday life. All things that turn us away from God’s plans for our personal lives, are not things that are horrible.

When we are desperate many of us go to things that bring great pleasure and satisfaction. Most of us do not seek things that will harm us, we seek things that lead us to a road of escapism. What we truly need to save us from our desperate crises is a chance to rekindle our faith, and renew our passion for God. Revelation states that God does not want us to be lukewarm, we need to go to a place where we are red hot for God and willing to do everything to follow his lead.
Nehemiah saw that his people were falling into times of desperation and needed to reconnect themselves with God. He knew that his people needed to make confessions and like his people knew that he also needed to confess his sins to the Lord.

When we are desperate we need to confess our problems to God and pray to him in ways that can deepen our spiritual relationship. We often become lost when we are desperate and like Nehemiah we need to realizes that our problems our very similar to problems of others. Royal status did not change the fact that Nehemiah saw the need to repent from how he was living his life.
Nehemiah risked his life by confronting the current ruler of Susa, by telling him of the troubles of those living in Jerusalem. Nehemiah could have faced a life of hardship or even death, but was willing to give his personal standing to help save his people in Jerusalem. Nehemiah knew that he had a commitment to others and needed to help others in times of desperate need and bring them back to the God who once saved them and led them into a great Exodus.

Nehemiah was willing to give up everything he knew to help others gain a greater and deeper life. People who choose to live their faith face great obstacles and never ending persecution for holding true to their beliefs. Nehemiah chose to endure the obstacles that came his way and helped rekindle his faith and that of his people in Jerusalem. Nehemiah lived a life where he chose to restore the truest relationship that we can have and that is with God.

Desperation led Nehemiah to turn from his current standing to further the relationship of Jerusalem and our Lord. He knew that by doing this that he could face the hardships of the current world and ultimately live a life that is far more than temporary. He led others to repent their sins, and rekindle the passion that they once held deeply with the Lord. In our own life we are faced with multiple choices, we can live a life that is filled with earthly pleasures, easy choices that lead to temporary happiness, or accept that we need God in our life and give up life as we currently know it to follow his lead.
The results of furthering our relationship with God is the ultimate reward and can lead us to places and outcomes that we never could have imagined in our wildest dreams. We can gain a life that is spiritually rewarding, and find a way of live that can be everlasting and eternal.

The relationship that we have with God will face challenges and we will need to meet these challenges head on. Prayer can help us through times of great desperation, and help to rekindle our relationship with God. Confession can help us overcome daily challenges that we face on an everyday basis and the sins that we commit in our everyday life. We need to help lead others to the Lord, and help create new believers.
We need to find ways to rekindle our faith on an everyday basis and help others when they are the most desperate or just need someone to listen to what troubles them. In God we are all a family of believers, with differences and special talents that can help serve his kingdom and the world that he created. In times of desperation we need to find a fire that can last forever and that is ultimately found through turning to Christ and accepting him as our one true savior.

By coming to accept the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, we are finding a new life that can’t be erased and roads that can never be deleted. By believing in our God we are turning our desperation into passion and by doing that we can overcome all obstacles.
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God in Times of Desperation

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