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by Lora - Comments: 5 - Views: 848

Introducing myself, my writing team, and our blog
Hi everyone,

Thank you very much for letting me be part of your forum!

I've been writing for years. However, I only recently discovered that writing as a ministry was my primary gifting and calling.

I lead a team of Christian writers at my church. Lately, we are producing material aimed at other Christian writers for our blog:

Feel free to check us out! I look forward to meeting others and being part of the community!

Thanks again!

Chris McKinney
by Chris McKinney - Comments: 0 - Views: 258
Just sharing my blog site.  I only started it a few weeks ago.
by LoriV - Comments: 0 - Views: 229

The Lord is strong. He who was, is, and will forever be, has great strength. We think of the Lord's strength in physical terms, though He is stronger even than we can imagine. He is strong not simply in the physical sense, but He is also strong of character and strong in mind. Where we are weak and sinful creatures, He is perfect and extends His strength to His followers. When we rely on the strength of God, we are on a firm foundation and cannot be shaken. When we pray to God for strength, He answers us and will not allow us to be overtaken by the darkness. Though the powers...
by Zeroman1983 - Comments: 0 - Views: 223

Jesus sacrifice was worth it!
While standing at my altar, I was thinking how easy it is to forget…

I have stewed over the fact that my life and body have been sacrificed too many times, even for good things. For instance, I literally gave up space inside my body three times to allow three other little bodies to grow there. Welcomed, but still, a sacrifice.
by LoriV - Comments: 1 - Views: 339

Through all my days I will have faith in the Lord. He who made the Heavens and the Earth will comfort and guide me. Though I walk with many wearies and toil for countless days, He is beside me while I toil, and He holds my hand to comfort my weary soul. When I struggle, my Lord lifts me up. When I weep, He wipes away my tears. For God loves me always, and He never turns away from His children. God is not like man. Man can turn away, and man can follow another path. But God has chosen His path from the beginning of time and until now. His path is constant as His love is constant....
by Zeroman1983 - Comments: 0 - Views: 252

Sand in a Blogger’s Shoes
Posted by justhappeneduponthis

I am sitting here at the ocean’s shoreline. Mid-day sun warm over my head and shoulders Surf coming in and out in leisurely fashion. This time last year I was in a real fix because of my own stubbornness and unbelief. Yesterday I was in trouble again for standing up for righteousness’ sake in the face of a godless pack. No allies.

With no other choices, I dedicated last night to seemingly desperate prayer. I was told to come down here today and contemplate the horizon and the expansive view. I have put these thoughts...
by Doug Blair - Comments: 4 - Views: 947

Book Review Requests
Hi, my new site has recently opened, and I was taking book review requests. If you're interested in me looking at your book just let me know!

Have a nice day!

Paul Brandt
by Pdizzle09 - Comments: 1 - Views: 660

by richardhicks50 - Comments: 0 - Views: 500

Desperation can often lead to individuals regretting choices in life. Items of that nature include degrees that are not fully utilized, mistakes that you wish you could rectify, and relationships that have ended incredibly badly. Bad experiences can often lead to times of despair, but if you can rekindle a flame that once burned as brightly and as radiant as the sun they can lead to a more determined mindset, renewed relationships, and open new pathways for professional and personal success.

Sometimes to find true success you need to learn from the past and find a way to utilize failures...
by DCannon - Comments: 0 - Views: 589

Sometimes I find myself thinking about God as if He were the Wizard of Oz.  And me, Dorothy, walking the Yellow Brick Road desperately trying to get to Him; planning ahead of time what I am going to ask of Him when I finally make it into His presence; hoping I will find favor in His sight.   Taking my friends along with me, assuring them He is what they need, but all along feeling unsure of my own status with the Mighty One.  Often feeling powerless and scared of the witch that swoops down, or the monkeys that creep up trying to destroy...
by LoriV - Comments: 1 - Views: 756

check it out :-)
I have a blog with all my poetry on it-- check it out
by Lori Mitchell - Comments: 0 - Views: 616

It's New!

Long time, no speak! I really will be more diligent in contributing here now!

I have a new blog/site at: where you'll find (a) poems, (b) stories, (c) "moments", (d) songs, (e) political/social commentary, (f) business/professional commentary and (g) academic pieces - and links to all of these as hosted on other platforms.

What I've been up to: study, study, study; working with a bunch of charities to develop communications strategies; I run our primary school Kids church ATM which is so, so exciting... that's me in a nutshell.
by Jak Hardy - Comments: 1 - Views: 517

How I Speak To God
My Blog

Prayer, a powerful tool in connecting with God. He desires to hear from us. He wants to know our hearts. Hearing from us helps him know how we feel, where we are at, the struggles we are facing. Prayer is our love language to God. His love language to us is his word. They work hand in hand. If we are not allowing him to talk with us, how can we effectively talk with him. The word is our tool to get us through each day. It also helps us in our prayer times as we can...
by Ebrim5 - Comments: 0 - Views: 618

by Natalie Aiman (used by author's permission)
[size=16]EASY WAYS TO REMEMBER GOD'S TRUTH – By Natalie Aiman [/size]

[size=16]BELIEVE”...........Because Emmanuel Lives I Expect Victory Every time.[/size]

[size=16]HOPE”............... Heaven Opening paths Everywhere.[/size]

[size=16]FAITH” ….........Fantastic...
by Jacob Ben Avraham - Comments: 0 - Views: 544

What do you think God's power is? God's power can not be used for wrong. If you have God's strength and power, which indeed belongs to God but is given you by grace, try using it for selfish results, and see for yourselves how it will not work.

God's identity is in His children who reflect the example of His Son! You do not know God by big sermons, but by seeing how a genuine Christian lives. Do you KNOW why God created you? Because He loves you. And if He loves you it means, He wants you to love Him.

It is only when we love God that we get the necessary grace to love others,...
by shiju1982 - Comments: 1 - Views: 699

She said I talk way too much about God. She says I'm taking way too much time away from her and the children to read my bible, attend church and have fellowship with the brethren. She complained that I'm witnessing Jesus too much to friends and relatives and that I was embarrassing her and myself. That I'm bringing shame upon me and my family because God just "isn't her thing!"
She claimed that I was going crazy and that this had gone far enough. That I was jeopardizing my job to talk about the Lord at work because, quite frankly, people just don't want to hear it! She accused me...
by 24711 - Comments: 0 - Views: 516

This, then, is how you should pray: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. – Matthew 6:9
When I became a new believer in Jesus Christ, I spent alot of time considering prayer, it was something that I knew I could just lift up my heart to the Lord and he would hear me. But it was not long after I was deluged with books on prayer by modern authors, there were so many books on prayer it seemed that believers were failing to pray to God. I remember one time my mind was so distracted...
by Greg Gordon - Comments: 1 - Views: 780

I am your brother Joseph, the one you sold into Egypt! – Genesis 45:4

Many of us have heard the dramatic story of Joseph in the book of Genesis. This young man gets abused and sold into slavery by his jealous brothers. He suffers greatly in prison and in other circumstances. Finally in an amazing turn of events, God brings him to a great place of prominence where he is one of the most powerful people in the known world. Many of us have had terrible things done to us in this...
by Greg Gordon - Comments: 0 - Views: 516

"I Know"   Bless You

I know my Jesus loves me so! 
This I know!
His Grace covers me head to toe!
This I know!
He is my bright Morning Star!
by LIGHTWRITER10 - Comments: 0 - Views: 603

"Fill Up My Day, Oh Lord" 

Fill up my day with abiding in You.
It is a blessed way and easy to do.
I choose to be in Your company, Oh, Lord.
I surrender and lay down my sword.
Fill up my day, oh Lord!
by LIGHTWRITER10 - Comments: 0 - Views: 512

Jesus was 'Cool'. With His faith nothing bothered Him. The Father had His back and He knew it. God is on our side as well. Trust and see what He can do. As your faith be so be it done unto you.

"He 'Rocks' My World"

The Rock of my life 'rocks' my life.
He keeps my world in its place.
My days with Him are free of strife.
In my heart He has a sacred space.

We are on a rock orbiting the sun.
by LIGHTWRITER10 - Comments: 0 - Views: 518

I talked to some parents last week.  I always talk to the parents at the school I’m currently speaking in to give them an overview, a chance to ask questions and some tips on how to get their youngsters through middle school and high school unscathed.

And I always end by showing them a clip of my daughter telling her story at that retreat 5 years ago.  To encourage them.  Because she went to the school where their children are now enrolled. Thought it might encourage some of you, too:

by Guest - Comments: 0 - Views: 680

Luke said Jesus’s sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground.  Whenever I read that I think of my grandma.  She was wonderful.  She was kind and fun-loving and smart.  I admired her because she did not gossip.  She had better things to do.  She was adventurous and physically and mentally fit well into old age.  She took a flying lesson on her eightieth birthday because it was something she had always wanted to try and she actually flew a plane.  She made her last visit back to her home state when she was in her nineties.  I had the privilege...
by Guest - Comments: 1 - Views: 675

There is a guy on a forum who wrote:
Quote :
“Revelations was written to confuse believers… it appears to be written by a demonic possessed man - definitely not John the beloved.  It should have been left out of the Bible."

A discussion ensued.  In the end he wrote, “I am sorry you all seem to weak to question your own faith. ...
by Guest - Comments: 0 - Views: 599

Some Thoughts from A Trip to Phuket
The Christian, The Prostitute and The Destitute

Billowing burqas and bustling bazaars are the curtains drawing in a great circus of colour. The daily grind of Phuket clothes a naked hospitality - a raw devotion - in the garb of poverty, promiscuity and crime. And when you're stuck in an endless musical of "tuk tuk" and "massage" it becomes way too easy to tune out and begin to identify people by the...
by Jak Hardy - Comments: 0 - Views: 639

Our Daily Walk
There are weeks when you feel like is there relief in sight. There are weeks were you wonder is it going to get easier anytime soon. There are weeks that seem to drag on and you wonder, really another day like yesterday. When does the break come, when does the relax come, were do I find that place of peace that once used to be so evident. That is what this week has been. A Calgon take me away moment has been a part of each day this week. This week was my week of wrestling, my week of battle and my week of weakness. Being focused on a daily basis...
by Ebrim5 - Comments: 1 - Views: 614

How I praise God for Him allowing me to enjoy the sight and sound of a train just by having me in the right place at the right time...
I wrote this and posted it in my Facebook notes on November 20 2012.

I also posted this to Writer’s Beat on July 10 2014.

As I have stated in my personal details, I enjoy all things pertaining to railroads and trains.  I am so happy when I see or even hear a train moving through.  I have been that way for most of my life
This really amazes me. Countless times throughout my life I have encountered a train, without expecting one. Usually the only time I am expecting one is if I hear the engineer receive permission to occupy a part of track...
by ericjohn - Comments: 0 - Views: 561

Remembering we Christians are all "scrumbly" children clothed in the righteousness of Chist.
Recently I had the privilege to teach worship dance to some little, and some ‘tween’ girls at our Worship Arts Camp at church.  Every week the girls were excited as I gave each one a long white satin circle skirt to wear during practice.  It is a sight to see when the girls don their skirts.  Not one of them can sit or stand still.  The entire room is filled with twirling dancers in pretty long white skirts, paired with a variety of different tee shirts.  Nothing can compare, however, to the special times they get to wear the ~white dance dresses~. ...
by LoriV - Comments: 1 - Views: 599

Brothers life did matter
Happy this recent guest blog post I wrote for Jolene Philo’s Different Dreams was picked up by, “The”
by scottn - Comments: 1 - Views: 592

ponderings on life and God
Please check out my blog  -and tell me what you think.  you can even tell me I'm crazy -my shrink might agree.  If you like it you can check out a new site I have called  -Beware you might have to think outside the box.
by probingvoice - Comments: 1 - Views: 516

It has been some time since my last pen. With all that has been going on it has been hard to put into words all that has taken place.
The mind can store and hold much knowledge, with that comes the gamete of every type of emotion you can imagine.
Dad's cancer has progressed. It has now spread to his spleen, ribs, and the newest is his brain. This is the time I have been praying my brothers would step up and come to town. Grateful my little brother has now come a few times. My brother from Washington has now come to town and he took on the task of as he put it going to the funeral...
by Ebrim5 - Comments: 0 - Views: 577

Well, I am not very good at blogs, If a blog is just an announcement of something, then, Yes, I have my ebook "God Tales" on Amazon web site, all you have to do is go to the site and after "search" type in "God Tales" followed by "rabbi Jacob Ben Avraham" I also have a blog on the "SimpleSite" blog place under "Yeshua7" the title of the blog is the "Rabbi's Blog House" I have posted one of my short stories on the fiction story forum site on this Forum, called "Goodman J"
Rabbi Jacob
by Jacob Ben Avraham - Comments: 0 - Views: 568


Labor & Delivery….the simplest of words, yet so very complex. Labor is intense. Hard-core and usually full of pain. When most people think of labor they think of the  labor of bearing a child. The horror stories that women hear of the pain & pressure endured to deliver a child. Then comes the breathtaking moment of the delivery. The silence. When the intense hard-core pain subsides and you anxiously await the subtle scream of a child.

Is it not, that we go through the labor of life?...
by Bo - Comments: 3 - Views: 687

Found at:
[size=48]Visiting Heaven[/size]
may 27, 2014 by ron
Blogs Image-1024x749
I’m going to out myself right here and now–I’m a Near Death Experience junkie.
I’ll understand if a few of you move to a different lunch table. But I’m going to go out on the proverbial limb here and suggest that I’m not alone. After all, has there ever lived a human...
by Lora - Comments: 0 - Views: 704

Lessons In Apologetics #2: Rationalism & Fideism
The next epistemological methodology is rationalism. Of rationalism, Geisler writes, "Rationalism is characterized by its stress on the innate a priori ability of human reason to know truth. Basically, rationalists hold that what is knowable or demonstrable by human reason is true (29)." To the rationalist, the mind takes precedence over experience and the information acquired through the senses as a foundation for truth and knowledge.

In a rationalist methodology, there exists in the mind a number of innate ideas or principles that allow the individual to arrive at an understanding...
by FMeekins - Comments: 0 - Views: 768

Found at:
[size=48]My YA Journey – Week 3[/size]
june 15, 2014 by ron leave a comment
Blogs 20140615-082524-30324143
A new wireless keyboard and stack o’ MG “research” for my Father’s Day gift to myself.
With only two weeks left in my plotting and outlining schedule for Now I Knew You, I received an e-mail from an agent on Friday. Unusual for...
by Lora - Comments: 0 - Views: 629

For anyone pursuing a degree in Apologetics that was given a dollar for every time they were asked "What is that, learning how to say you are sorry" upon answering the question of what it is that they study so many times, many would have financed a considerable portion of their academic pursuits. Unfortunately, such ignorance as to what exactly this theological discipline entails symbolizes the neglect the defense of the faith has fallen into in the contemporary church and is one of the reasons that everywhere the believer and student of religion turns today they find Christianity losing considerable...
by FMeekins - Comments: 0 - Views: 680

Kitchen adventures at my house.
Recently Stan and I decided that we needed to be more health conscious in our eating and made a decision to get started.  Since I am the main "cook" in our home (it was in our wedding vows), I knew that I would be the one responsible to make a healthy menu for us.  I did some looking around on the internet for possible healthy menus and came up with a list of recipes ,and then spent Sunday afternoon "food shopping" (as my friend Michele calls it) at three different grocery stores buying the items...
by LoriV - Comments: 0 - Views: 703

I post to several blogs that you might find interesting
If you are a writer and looking for tips and exercises and other writing challenges you can find me at Succeed at Writing

For faith based posts and information about how I persevere through life with all that I have to deal with you can find me at Living Stone Faith blog

If you're interested in living a life of balance try my blog at My Balanced Life
by vmtwriter - Comments: 0 - Views: 707

This is the link to my poetry blog:
by PraisingHimAlways - Comments: 0 - Views: 804

Found at:
Top 10 Winter Olympic Sports we really want to see
February 20, 2014 by Ron Leave a Comment
Blogs 20140221-073951
As I understand it, Winter Olympic sports were developed from real-life situations often encountered in the daily lives of northern folk. While this still doesn’t explain curling, I do believe it’s time to update some of these events to better reflect the modern snow-dwelling peoples. So I give you my top 10 Olympic Sports we really...
by Lora - Comments: 0 - Views: 687

Life's Journey Through My Eyes
Year End Blog

Well. Here we are another year behind us, and a new year approaching. What has the past year looked like for you, and what does the new year welcome for you? Both of these are loaded questions. Yet, we would all have an answer.
The past year was full of a vast variety of events. Those were shared throughout the year with either my weekly, bi-weekly or monthly blogs. It has been awhile since my last pen and wanted to share my heart for the end of the year.

To that here is what the year looked like for myself.

As I pen the last entry for the...
by Ebrim5 - Comments: 0 - Views: 617

Christian Poetry Blog
HI Friends
For those who enjoy poetry I have a blog where I showcase my Christian Poetry. Please feel free to visit at
All of my poetry praises God and was inspired by His Word and the work he has done in my life since I became a Christian about 5 years ago.
Enjoy! God Bless!
by MrsB - Comments: 0 - Views: 687

Found at:

A Writer’s Year in Review

December 29, 2013 by Ron Leave a Comment
Blogs Government-shutdown-keeps-most-of-government-open
2013 was an especially unattractive year. I, personally, have gained back about 20 of the 40 pounds I lost a few years ago. My recent purchase of P90X3 should solve that problem, though the Kitchen Aid mixer ice-cream attachment I bought my wife for...
by Lora - Comments: 0 - Views: 790

"The Lord is exalted, for He dwells on high; He will fill Zion with His justice and righteousness. He will be the sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure." (Isa. 33:5, 6 NIV).

The fear of the Lord is a blessing-giver characteristic in life. Many do not fear God and live as they want. This is the condition of many, many Christians today. They may have bibles with them, but never read it. They may have a church membership but do not attend it regularly. They have various reasons to pray, but never...
by shiju1982 - Comments: 0 - Views: 657


Commitment. A word that holds with it much meaning. There are different levels of commitment, yet all of us make commitments in our lives. We are committed to family, work, spouse,finances,relationships,and goals that we set to achieve.
How are we when we fall short in these commitments. What does that look like for you. What do you battle in your heart when you fail in these areas. There is struggle. We get angry with ourselves, we beat ourselves up, sometimes we pull away from each other and hide as we feel ashamed.
In all these areas we think about these more that we think...
by Ebrim5 - Comments: 0 - Views: 655

By Ron Estrada
Top 10 Indications that you’re dating a writer
November 15, 2013 by Ron Leave a Comment
Blogs 20131115-073529
Most writers don’t come right out and admit it. So, as a public service, I feel it is my duty to save you from a lot of heartache and poverty down the road. So, I give you my top 10 Indications that you’re dating a writer.
10. He sometimes wonders aloud if there’s a body in the trunk of the car in front of him.
9. Her cats...
by Lora - Comments: 0 - Views: 655

Found at:

Where’s my Reward?

October 27, 2013 by Ron Leave a Comment
Blogs 20131027-085615
Copper the rescue terrier-mix has brought quite a bit of entertainment to our family since we adopted him several years ago. Two things we’ve noticed about him: 1) He’s very smart and capable of learning just about any trick, and 2) Food is king in his life and he’ll only do a trick if there’s a reward involved.
Oh sure, you can get...
by Lora - Comments: 0 - Views: 657

Time continues to march forward, and with each new day it is a blessing from God. In our minds we know we are not promised a new day. Yet, how often do we get up start our day and even go the whole day without thanking God for the breath he gives us, the air we breath, the life he provides. Are we too busy to remember to put God in the equation. As a society we get too busy and do not leave room for God or the spirit. These type of days when I allow them to happen in my own life, brings forth challenge and levels of despair. He desires for us to look to him and thank him for each blessing...
by Ebrim5 - Comments: 0 - Views: 580
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