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 I'm so excited! (...not the title of the book!)

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I'm so excited! (...not the title of the book!) Empty
PostSubject: I'm so excited! (...not the title of the book!)   I'm so excited! (...not the title of the book!) EmptyThu Jun 20, 2013 9:47 pm

Trinity Eight: The Calling – The first book of a new novel series by Rashun David and I'm blessed to be a part of it as the poetess for one of the characters. We have self published it through Amazon and Lulu; and just recently created its very own official website, which is so exciting! I’m a little behind but still inspired to get the word out on this particular day because the eBook is now free till Saturday, June 22 and I want my brothers and sisters here to check it out while it is. We really need reviews (it's something else being a first time publisher (for me it’s kind of like preparing for college all over again! doink))
Well, here's a first bit of my attempt to summarize the book:
It’s a new thing. Created by the Holy Spirit, driven by the passion as knights in Jesus Christ, and brought to life by the sweet breath of the Heavenly Father — Trinity Eight: The Calling is the first novel in a new series — full of faith, hope, action and adventure and of course, a whole lot of Jesus! Eight young people are chosen by God and given extraordinary gifts to take on the evil powers that threaten to conquer everything and everyone. They will begin as strangers. Grow as friends. And become one family. Walk with them, as they light up the world, in Jesus’ Name.
And here’s a little second bit quoted from the book for ya:
“Things will not be easy from here on, not that they have ever been. But this is something you must do and I’m afraid, precious girl, I cannot be there with you. But in time…in time…you will find others like you. And they will become your family if you let them. I leave all that I have taught you…all that I have given you…and all of my love. Never lose faith in our God. He will walk with you wherever you go. You do this for Him. Never forget that. Change is coming and I am glad to part from this world knowing that it is you, my dear Gracy…it begins with.”
I pray and hope that many will grab this book and be blessed in reading it, for the Holy Spirit truly blessed Rashun David with the words, the world, the story, and the characters and bountifully filled him with the motivation, strength and grace to create the beautiful Trinity Eight. The Holy Spirit truly blessed Tezar Project with an awe-inspiring heart of vision to design and produce works of art that connect perfectly with the created world first given to Rashun David. And the Holy Spirit truly blessed me, Smiley Face Frowns, with the words and the inspiration from His own Word and the constant uplifting of my spirit to write the poems of Elyssa's Purple Poem Diary. We are blessed to be blessed with His blessings, and want to branch those blessings out to all of His branches and to all the wild trees beyond, that they may be grafted into the blessing, of being His branches. Our King Jesus is our everything, and therefore it means everything that we, as His children, use our gifts to bring back home our brothers and sisters, for they are dearly beloved by our Heavenly Father.
Please follow the link, download, get your nose stuck between the pages, (…however that’s possible with an eBook) and then please leave a review on Lulu (free your lovely mind.) It is much, much appreciated, truly. Even if you don't check out this book, thank you all for writing and reading many other books that glorify our Heavenly Father. Forever knights in Christ, be blessed beloved ones, always! Light up the world JESUS!

Also here's a picture to go along:
I'm so excited! (...not the title of the book!) Trinity-eight1
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I'm so excited! (...not the title of the book!)
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