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 Doubting Professor Thomas

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The Light


When he reached another vague state of awareness, he found himself being rolled down a long white corridor with Lithonia lights milling down his blanketed feet and the necks and under chins of strange faces huddled over him. 

         A set of doubled doors soon opened at his feet, and he entered a wide room where voices were yelling and gadgets were beeping and latex hands carrying all sorts of metal and plastic objects were whipping across his view. 

         He could not move or speak, and he did not feel any pain or know if he could feel pain. Until a dull pitch came at the pit of his elbow, then some light pressure. And he started to feel himself slip away again. 

         Everything around him appeared distorted now as through he was looking right through riveted glass. He was too numb to be scared, too distant in thought to understand it all. Fuzzy faces behind surgical masks came in and out of his view. A surgical lamp glided over him and stopped. Its many bulbs resembled the eyes of a fly.   

         Suddenly everything went soundless except the slow beating of his own heart beating ever so slower and slower now. 

         I’m dying.

         Amid the silence he heard a small still voice from within say: “Light,” and in that very moment the lamp above shined with a greater brilliance and everything around him vanished in an instant.

         Everything was gone—all the people, the room, the hospital, everything—EVERYTHING! Everything but the Light. He now found himself in this deep impenetrable pit of nothingness where everything was nothing and nothing was everything. Nothing seemed to be but the Light, this mysterious and glorious Light, which he soon could not help but to feel helplessly absorbed by. He soon came to realize that he too, having once been flesh and bone, was now reduced to nothing. Insubstantial. He had not a mouth to speak nor legs to walk nor arms to reach out but was simply a spectator and nothing more. His mind seemed to be all that was—his mind, the shadows of this great and mysterious deep, and the Light. 

         As brilliant as the Light was, he desired not a single hand for shade but instead felt this overwhelming sense of comfort and peace, like a baby cradled safely in the arms of a loving parent, never wanting to be put down. He also felt this inexpressible power, a mighty hand, imperceptible to the eye, yet starkly apparent in its touch, holding him, protecting him, seemingly delivering him.  

         Soon the Light began to drift away. And so after a certain time, he was forced to watch the darkness gradually replace the Light. He watched the Light go slowly into that unknown distance like a minute and lonesome star, until at last it disappeared with a twinkle, then thought he was as good as dead


Firmament Divide


         After a time, in the infant expression of the deep, the Light came forth in a great dilation like some consuming sun, banishing the darkness from its sight. Then from a clear distance this massive entity approached him, opaque, bearing the slight resemblance of the earth. Yet it appeared not as the bountiful planet he knew but as this formless body, devoid of color and life.

         A cosmic happenstance of solidified gasses, he thought. But the earth it is not. It cannot be…or could it?

         Then what first appeared on its surface as a thick sheet of ice quickly liquefied and was put into motion as if some spontaneous awakening just occurred. But before he could fully grasp the singularity, he heard that small voice from within him say, “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters. And let it divide the waters from the waters.” 

            At once there was this globoid expansion of water that separated the waters above from the waters below like some cosmic balloon. It was by this process that the planet gradually became distinguishable to him, with the only exception being the layer of water that was left suspended above the atmosphere. This protective dome shield was a quite familiar theory to him. Yet it was not something that he had necessarily come to conceive as fact.

            Impossible, he thought.

The miraculous occurrence left him so bewildered that if he could see himself, he would have seen his jaw sagging down by his toes by weight of sheer shock.

         Before long the Light left him the same it had the first time, and darkness yet again reigned over all that was. A dispirited state entered him once more, and he could not help but to think he was as good as dead.   


The Third Day


The Light returned the same…   

         Now when all there was were once again under the countenance of the Light, he felt this startling force push him towards the entity like a feather subjugated by a gust of wind. Weightlessly he was bulleted through the water shield and down into the lower part of the atmosphere where he came to an abrupt stop without feeling the subsequent effect of inertia.  

         It would have seemed that his travels had placed him equidistant from the waters above to the waters below. The scene was quite the surfer’s paradise as he felt like a tiny ordainment inside this water-globe of nautical colors and rhythms and motions.

         Glorious, he thought, overcome by inexpressible childlike wonder. Simple glorious! 

         Then he heard that small voice say, “Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together. Let the dry land appear.”

         Obedient to the call, the waters below began seething like a massive Jacuzzi, giving the supposition that something was brewing from underneath, and something most certainly was. The roaring sound of an earthquake soon filled the atmosphere that even he, suspended as high up as he was, could feel the quaking.

         Then from below the violent breakers, these massive cuts of rock broke through the surface like some unforeseen birth, pooling the waters in every direction. Some pieces of rock rose higher than others in this unparalleled assortment of peaks and valleys. The waters flooded over and spilled between and around the solid ground. Some channeled through, splitting the dry land up into smaller jurisdictions. Some were cupped still into hollowed areas. Much was spread oceans wide. 

         When all was still again, he watched the fallow earth bring forth a rapid lush of green. It all seemed so wonderful, so cataclysmically orchestrated that he couldn’t believe his own eyes. Yet it was good, confirmed that small voice inside.

         He soon felt another rush come over him, giving way to the sensation of pins and needles in the places of his extremities. He now had feeling in the places of his arms and his legs again. An acute spasm generated up and down his entire back. There was a dull pain against his forehead, another at his left arm. Something warm was pressing up against his chest. These were all positive signs to him.

         He soon heard a voice calling out his name. When he looked back down, he could see that everything around him was changing drastically.

         The new world was spinning into a cyclone of nauseating color and he could feel himself now being sucked down into it. At the other end of the funnel, he could see himself, unconscious in the hospital bed; and before he knew it, he was back into his physical body again. 

         The moment he opened his eyes, he saw two nurses looking down at him with elation. The one who had her hand on his chest quickly turned to the other and in a thick Filipino accent said anxiously, “Hurry, hurry! Get the doctor! He’s back!” 
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Doubting Professor Thomas
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