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 Stories of life significance...compiled selection of bestselling stories

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Stories of life significance...compiled selection of bestselling stories Empty
PostSubject: Stories of life significance...compiled selection of bestselling stories   Stories of life significance...compiled selection of bestselling stories EmptyFri Oct 05, 2012 3:43 am

Rose, a young lady, born to Cameroonian mother and a French father, raised in Douala with her mother but attained her Advanced Internationale De Baccalaureate certificates in France while staying with her Father, grew up under two different homes ; the home of her step-father and mother, was the outing type of person. She had a great league of friends of diverse races; Gauchos, Red Indians, Caucasians, Negroes...The lists were endless. She mixed freely with every Tom, Dick and Harry that made her the cynosure of all eyes.

On a fateful night, Rose was on her way in a taxi to a public rendezvous when she came across an almost long-lost friend of her’s, Liza. According to sources, Liza had a furnished three-bedroom apartment in Lounge Street in Paris and portrayed a flamboyant lifestyle, courtesy of her innumerable company of ‘male clients’ who gave money in exchange for pleasure. They both got to the rendezvous and there was a re-connect after their discussion; their friendship was rekindled. It was during the course of their discussion that Liza opened up to Rose; unveiling her can of worms –what she does for a living. Unperturbed, Rose seemed to like the venture Liza was into and thanked her greatly for making known ‘this idea of money-making’. Before long, she started showing Rose the ropes of the business as it goes in the city; the people, money, places to be, times and underground activities that accompany the business. Fast in learning, Rose, in the twinkling of an eye, had gained a first-hand mastery of what the ropes are. In fact, she eventually kicked Liza out of the business! The journey into the world of prostitution began for Rose...

Rose started out as a stripper. Owing to her very-beautiful look, the club owner assigned her as a VIP entertainer. She met different top-shots in French politics-ministers, senators, commissioners, ambassadors... Indeed, this was a golden opportunity! Many of them liked the way she turned them on by her stylishly erotic ‘touch-me-if-you-can’ butt dance. One of the prominent ministers hired her as his mistress. From the day she became a mistress to this prominent minister, it was a welcome-to-a-world-of-fortunes destination. The only condition given to her was that she had to quit stripping. She did as instructed.

Rose blossomed in financial strength had the opportunity to meet the crème de le crème of the French society and was opportune to meet a top Iran-based business tycoon, a friend of the prominent minister. One thing led to the other and Rose found herself ‘falling in love’ with the tycoon. Unknown to the Iranian, Rose was about absconding with a whooping sum of fifteen million dollars to be with her newly-found love. Alas, she ran out of luck as the minister’s aide painstakingly kept an eye on every step she took and alerted his boss. The minister alerted the French surveillance unit to keep track of her movement, especially her travelling to Iran from France while his aide alerted the tycoon on what is going on but told him to maintain a ‘i-don’t-know-what’s going-on’ disposition. Everything went as planned.

Eventually, Rose made it to Iran to stay with the ‘love of her life’. Couple of seconds later, his magnificent edifice was under siege by a league of French Interpol men, asking for her presence and the absconded money. To the bewilderment of Rose, she saw the man she cheated on, stolen from and caused sleepless night to. At that moment, she knew her end has come-he was about taking his pound of flesh off her.

Rose was subsequently behind bars and later sent to a rehabilitation center on suspicion of Schizophrenia. Her case was published in A-listed French newspapers. After serving her jail term, all her personal effects she acquired through the period was at her ‘pinnacle of glory’ were confiscated by the French government. Unable to withstand the embarrassments and humiliations that followed, her aged father, Lauren Trous, disowned her. It was not long after he made this hard nut to crack choice that he took his life. Consequently, the French government repatriated Rose to her maternal land, Cameroun.

The life of Rose was in shambles. Not only is her mother bed-ridden, friends and relatives have kept her at armslenght, on hearing about what happened. To make things worse, instead of batting an eyelid, she took to prostitution in the streets of Douala, where she partly grew up. Though beautiful but ageing, Rose was in desperate need of a man whom she can call her ‘husband’. Knowing well that her male clients are losing interest in her simply because of her age-telling physique, age was not on her side and she wanted children of her own, she figured out the best gathering a responsible man can be ‘eyed’ was in the church. Being a sociable person, she asked a number of happening ladies where there are serious-minded and spiritually committed men. She was able to forward-match to the church she friend’s church!

Having a little background of going to church on Sundays during her growing years under her mum’s care, she effectively made her Sunday service attendance worthwhile in terms of outstanding givings she makes in church; all to the admiration of the pastors and charming single brothers. Not only her financial generosity challenged other concerned congregational members, her dedication and working power towards ensuring a kept-clean state of the church left much to be desired to some eyes. But for others, this was good will in person! Amazingly, she kept on with this ‘habit’ for about two months before a younger, promising and spiritually conscious man, named Jacques noticed and ‘eyed’ her in person, though in a Godly way...What happened?

Jacques is a typical Cameroonian young man born to Christian parents, obtained his secondary and tertiary education in France and Canada respectively, worked as a satellite manager in one of Israel’s leading Telecommunication outfit, Nokia and Information and Technology expert in Canada’s Intelligence agency. He is a reserved type, never been into any serious relationships before. By the way, he was in his mid-twenties.

Rose, 38, was intelligently wooed by Jacques and in utter amazement, Rose agreed. This was Jacques greatest moment and Rose’s chance to realize her ulterior motive. They got to know each other in a way (except for Rose not disclosing to him her not-encouraging past life of prostitution). Between them, a life-long union was about being born. It followed that the consent of concerned individuals would have to be sought for. Already, Rose’s pastor had chosen Rose to be the right candidate for Jacques and his parents, prominent elders in church, gave their context, although, they had their reservations.

A forthnight later, the church witnessed a host of thousands of people flooding its premises, wining and dining with the couple who just legally tied the knots. A red-letter day it was. Soon after the reception was over began their honey moon. It was at that point Jacques truly knew the woman he got married to-her unusual approach to love-making and ask-for-more urge.

Six months after, all hell was let loose when Rose could not stomach the status of being a wife and a known church worker. To the surprise of some members who saw her, she was spotted in wearing a provocative dress in a club with one of her co-worker in church, in a compromising position. After being caught, she decided to abruptly miss church services and the big one; completely run away from Jacques to a place far beyond reach. After the deed was done and two decades had gone, Jacques, my very good friend, told me this tragic story.
Excerpt from the manuscript titled ‘What you do not know about your man, what you do not know about your woman’
As written by: Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict (Mr. Ben)
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Stories of life significance...compiled selection of bestselling stories
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