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 The Cross We Bear

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PostThe Cross We Bear

There are weeks when you feel like is there relief in sight. There are weeks were you wonder is it going to get easier anytime soon. There are weeks that seem to drag on and you wonder, really another day like yesterday. When does the break come, when does the relax come, were do I find that place of peace that once used to be so evident. That is what this week has been. A Calgon take me away moment has been a part of each day this week. This week was my week of wrestling, my week of battle and my week of weakness. Being focused on a daily basis has been a fight. Thoughts, emotions, doubts, anxiety and a little bit of anger have been my demons this week. For some reason it was harder to persevere this week. My focus has been off. Through it all I have reminded myself that he never promised that the cross would not get heavy, and the hill would not be hard to climb . He never promised our victories without fighting but he said help would always come in time. I believe these words and they help guide me through. It took a little longer to get my focus. It was a little harder trusting things would get better. It was tougher fighting the enemy. 

These type of weeks happen for all of us at different points in our lives. Do we give up, do we give in, do we run and feel like giving up. Well I have had these thoughts from time to time. Thankfully that was not this week. Did not feel like giving up,  I did feel like hiding a few times, but for the most part felt like I wanted to fight harder. 

Each day had to take myself through exercises to equip me for the day. Spent time in prayer asking for his peace to allow me not to react to situations around me, but be Christ-like in each moment. Yes, it was a battle yet he helped me through.  I was able to catch myself when the anger built up and did not react or act out. Fought for a moment of being still and releasing. In these times I did not feel much like giving, he helped me to persevere and serve to the best of what I was able at the time. When the feeling of just going home and hiding hit and not taken the time to talk to that person who may be seeking a relationship with God right now, he allowed me to step deeper inside and open my mouth and an open person was among whom I spoke with. Friday was a hard day for sure my emotions were higher than any other day. It all caught up with me and when the anger hit this time I found myself wanting to punch something, I gathered myself and left my desk and just broke down and cried. Was so grateful for true friendships at work and they being able to help me through it.  Was able to finish my day and then spent some good time just talking to the father. 

What I know for sure is that we can only make it with the help of the father. What I know for sure is that he was carrying me this week and not so much walking beside me. What I know for sure but still have a hard time with is that tears cleanse and offer healing. What I know for sure is that I am still learning. What I know for sure is that I am thankful for the lessons. They are needed. They are warranted. And they can be life changing. 

As with each writing I pen, please be kind to one another, forgive what differences that may linger. We are not promised another day. Make every effort to live in harmony and peace with one another. Love your families and hold them dear to your heart. Even if you have to be the one to take the first step, take that step and make it matter.
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Re: The Cross We Bear
Post on Fri Jan 16, 2015 1:48 pm by ericjohn
Very beautiful and inspirational.  I enjoyed it and I can see that I should apply it to my life as well.  In a way your work reminds me of some of the letters that Paul wrote to the early churches, just in a modern fashion.

There were some grammatical errors I picked up on and I am only telling you to help.  I am NOT trying to nit pick or anything like that, I just want to help.

There were several places where you put "were" as in tense when you should have put "where" as in location.  There was also a place where you should have put an "I" in the sentence.  There may be others on here (Christian Creative Writers) who could better assist you.  I am by far no grammar expert.

I know my grammar is sub par, so I appreciate it when people help me.

All in all, I enjoyed it and maybe one day I could write something on this level...

The Cross We Bear

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