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 Jesus Saves Me!!

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PostSubject: Jesus Saves Me!!   Jesus Saves Me!! EmptyMon Dec 12, 2016 4:06 pm

Here is my experience I had on 12-07-2016
I was feeling super down,depressed. Was even having suicidal thoughts
Wanted to seriously hurt myself. Then,I couldn't sleep.
God has given me a very vivid imagination, so to have this happen was normal at first, but in the end of this,
We have a surprise, I had one too. In my mind I heard who I thought was Jesus say, "Follow me, I want to baptize you
In water. " so I picture myself going to a nearby river. We are in the water, and he says, " Do you want to worship me
Whole heartedly ?" For some reason I felt skeptical, so being wise I replied, " I am willing to worship my Heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for ever and forevermore." Then, suddenly, satan, undisguised himself! I got so upset!! He disappeared and I was crying out, "Why did I listen??!!!" I'm stuck in the middle of the river, the current began to move me swiftly downstream. I went under the water and said to myself, "You have been through this before, you can do this!" I realize, there is no one to pull me out of the water.
I thought of grabbing on to a root or branch stuck out into the water to save me, but then a fear rushed over me that the root or branch
Would just be a snake . I am now managing somehow above water, I begin spinning around and cry out, "Why? What do I do??"
Then up ahead there is a Y in the river, one stays level, the other goes straight down like a steep waterfall. I did not go down the level way, where I would be nice and safe. Totally panicked, helpless and scared I begin to go over the edge. Suddenly, a strong hand grabs me, ( keep in mind this was in my imagination, but the REAL Jesus was who I saw above me!!!) 1/2 a second I had a fleeting thought that He migh let go, but the humbleness I felt and the trust, the love was so strong, I physically felt like I could just melt. He pulled me up. We got out of the water. He began to explain what happened to me.
Jesus talking
"The Devil tried to put you in harms way, deceive you, then as soon as you said , "I worship my Heavenly Father" he showed himself taking off, stranding you. . The river is the trial you are struggling through. Even though you are crying and saying " Why?" You are still going THROUGH your trial. The snake fear, represents betrayal, trying to grasp something for help or someone, them letting you down. Then, right at that very moment, not a moment sooner, or later when you are about to hit rock bottom, I am right there! At that moment you NEED to be rescued. You have to go through trials, even when you ask for help, I'm am waiting for you to go through the trial and towards the end I am there to grab you. I will never forsaken you".
Through tears, humbleness I said, " I will never forsaken You!" He hugged me and held me and I could physically feel this. His presence was 100% real.

If you seem to be praying for a length of time, with no answer NEVER give up praying and continue to keep walking in His love. We may feel we are walking this road alone, yet Jesus is right there, you need to go through first! Praise God, I will never forget seeing Him when I looked up when He grabbed me. He used my imagination( although His part was real) to show me that He is there.
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Jesus Saves Me!!
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